We Optimize The Recycling and Waste Environment

Improving efficiency and maximizing effectiveness are at the core of our business. We specialize in commercial recycling and waste management solutions using innovative technology to optimize your bottom line.

Purpose & Values

We optimize our customers' recycling and waste management programs to reduce costs and maximize profits.

Over 50 years of experience working with businesses to manage their waste streams and recover valuable recyclables has been our core focus. Our customer list includes both Fortune 500 companies as well as an array of small and medium sized businesses ranging across industries such as retail, distribution warehousing, material recovery facilities, grocery, and shopping malls/centers.


Company History

Our history transcends 50 years of operation focused specifically on commercial recycling and waste management.

2. 4. 1986

Bright Green Beginnings

After working in both sales and operations for the largest waste hauling company in the U.S., our first company was formed in Atlanta, GA. We began operating roll-off trucks to service local shopping malls and retail centers including both compactor and open-top containers. In 1988 we opened the first material recovery facility (MRF) in Georgia focused on recovered cardboard. We expanded operations to include paper recycling, metals recycling and plastic recycling.
1990 - 2004

The Golden Years

Our business operations expanded beyond commercial recycling to include the acquisition of a residential waste company. We also incorporated front-loader trucks to our expanding roll-off and rear-loader fleet, making us a full-service waste management company. Our recycling business continued to scale, which resulted in less landfill waste and more recovered material.
2005 - 2015

National Recognition

Having expanded our operations to become one of the largest privately held waste management and commercial recycling companies in Georgia, we sold our waste management company to focus on commercial recycling and waste consulting services. Our footprint expanded beyond the southeast U.S. to include all 48 contiguous states and recycling services for 2,500+ customer locations.

Recycling and Waste Management Today

With a focus on customer service and a shift to modern technologies, our customer base increased to 5,800 customer locations. We have paper mill and recyclable recovery partners across the U.S. to ensure our customers receive the best options possible.